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We have a unique culture—one that consists of a flexible and collaborative workforce.  Our values are strong with a deep-rooted emphasis on giving back to the community. Together, we have worked year after year to continuously raise our standards and strive for growth—each year learning and adapting to what’s ahead.

Austin Riggins

Head of Business Dev

Charles Patton

Senior Advisor
Head of Enterprise Sales

Dione Simmons

Marketing & Design

Myles Patton

Head of Revenue Ops

Jordan Woods

Director Whole Creative


Business Development Representative

Thor Patton

Security & Wellness

OUR Story

The Whole Marketing was founded in early 2019 by Myles Patton to fill a need for local and affordable promotional items in Chattanooga, TN. We have since grown to offer more marketing services such as website development, branding services, and custom graphic design. 

We are Built on Representing the Under-Represented by working with other small businesses to create custom items for their marketing needs. 

To Be Known for a Positive Reason is our Mission. 

We strive to offer the best services through highly qualified team members and a hands-on customer approach. We work closely with our customers to make sure their marketing and promotional needs are met in a timely, affordable, and dependable manner. We are also a growing company with some larger clients in the Chattanooga region and across the country.

We have a deep-rooted passion for giving back to the community and strive to provide excellent service through ethical practices. We have worked year-over-year, continuously focusing on our principles to drive growth and improve brand awareness…each year learning and adapting.

Elevate your Brand. Elevate your Life.
Anytime. Anyplace.

Our Leaders

The leaders oversee and advocate on behalf of the customer during their journey from start to finish. They support our Department Managers and Team Members by being hands-on and focusing on customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. 

Myles Patton

Chief Executive Officer

Austin Riggins

Chief Development Officer

Our Management

Our Management team oversees the day-to-day functions of the company. They offer support to the rest of the team members by taking on the leadership roles and pushing the team to be better. The company would not run smoothly without them.

Our Team Members

Our Team Members are an integral part of the company. Together they learn from each other and push each other to take on new and challenging opportunities.

Regina Simmons

Internal Operations Manager

Christopher Arnold

Business Development Manager

Jordan Woods


Dione Simmons

Marketing & Design Manager

Ebony Phinisee

Customer Service Representative

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